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5 Poolside Recipes You’ll Love This Summer

5 Poolside Recipes You’ll Love This Summer

With summer fast approaching we know you will be looking to spend more time in and around the pool. To help you splash into summer, we come up with some delicious recipes for your upcoming poolside party – including drinks, salads and barbequed meats. Here are 5 Poolside recipes you’ll love this summer.


1. Raspberry Lemonade Concentrate

This is the poolside punch recipe you have been searching for! This refreshing summer drink is made using sweet raspberries and tangy lemonade. The combination of sweet and sour makes this beverage refreshing and playful. With only 4 steps, this recipe is easy to make – all you need is fresh raspberry, lemon juice, and tonic water! Get the kids involved and enjoy this refreshing drink at your next poolside BBQ!


Full recipe here: Taste of home raspberry lemonade concentrate


2. Pineapple Papaya Slaw

Are you looking for a unique claw recipe to enjoy this summer? With fresh pineapple, papaya, bell pepper and cabbage this Pineapple Papaya Slaw is perfect for a sunny afternoon by the pool. The fresh, tangy flavours of pineapple and papaya give you a ‘poolside in Hawaii’ feel, perfect for your next pool party! Also, if you don’t like papaya on your salad, no worries, you can substitute it with your favourite fruit.


Full recipe here: Taste of home pineapple papaya slaw


3. Lemony Prawn and Tomatoes

Do you need to prepare a large batch for your pool party guests? Don’t worry, we have the perfect, easy and delicious recipe for you! All you will need is grilled prawns, lemons and tomatoes to give your guests a delicious, indulgent experience this summer!


Full Recipe Here: Taste of home lemony shrimp and tomatoes recipe


4. Mojito Slush

Are you looking for a fresh summer cocktail? The Mojito Slush is the perfect summer poolside drink. With cooling mint and lime, the Mojito Slush is a must-make cocktail. With two easy to follow steps, this recipe can be easily scaled up to serve an entire party, or down – for you to enjoy solo on a hot summer day.


Full recipe here: Taste of home mojito slush recipe


5. Teriyaki Shish Kabobs

Other than Lemony Prawn and Tomatoes BBQ recipes, we would like to recommend another easy recipe! Teriyaki Shish Kabobs have an extraordinary tangy-sweet and will be a favourite for anyone that loves Japanese food. Whip this recipe out at your next poolside BBQ, and you’re sure to impress the crowd!


Full recipe here: Taste of home teriyaki shish kabobs recipe


Well, there you have it, 5 delicious poolside recipes that we are sure you’ll love this summer. What are you waiting for, invite your friends and family over for an afternoon by the pool, with drinks, food and fun!


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