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The Mills Family - Over 65 Years in the Industry

Culminating in the world's Most Innovative, Efficient and Effective Solar Pool Heating Systems

Boss Solar Solutions are an Australian made and owned company who have been delivering precision products to both Local and International markets for over 30 years.

Originally, the family owned and operated Mills Rubber in Centre Road, Clayton, (sold in 1987, with no further connection to the Mills family). Mills Rubber was a highly regarded renowned for quality and expertise and was one of the first Australian companies to embrace modern technologies, such as injection moulding, continuous vulcanisation and silicone wire and cable. Mills began extruding solar in the early 1970’s and the tradition of quality and longevity continues with the manufacturing of Boss Solar Premium products today.

Norm and Elisabeth Mills established Boss Polymer in 1991, continuing the Mills Family tradition of specialising in high precision Australian made products. Boss are dedicated to investing heavily both in its people, equipment and new technologies, keeping them at the forefront of Innovation. Our recently released MultiLayered Composite Collector Range, utilises State of the Art polymer engineering, incorporating Space Age Nano-Graphitic thermal transfer polymers.

Boss Polymer Technologies Manufactures Engineering products for a broad range of industries including Defence, Automotive, Civil Engineering, Marine and of course Solar Pool Heating. Our experience in working with Design Engineers from a diverse range of industries has helped to support our approach to Research and Development and the Design of Innovative Products. Some of the Projects we have been involved in include, the London Underground, the Taiwanese High Speed Railway, large Commercial Solar Projects and Sports Stadiums.

Boss Solar is a subsidiary company of Boss Polymer, fully Australian owned and operated. Owned and supported by a technically advanced, dedicated team of skilled Professionals.

Boss Solar has the engineering support to provide their customers (your Solar Pool Professional) with products that are cutting edge, of the highest performance and quality standard and which give them a true market edge in today’s competitive global marketplace. As a global trader Boss is exposed to all of the latest technological changes and unlike our competitors, we are perfectly placed to make the most of these advances.

Worldwide Solar Supplier

Boss Solar is the Largest Solar Manufacturer in Australia, whose products are sort after all over the world. With distributors in United States of America, China, France, United Arab Emirates, South America, New Zealand, Uruguay, Lebanon and more. Boss prides itself on being a constantly growing and evolving company. Boss is currently working on creating an international website which will be live later this year. This will enable us to better target and assist our overseas partners. As a global trader, Boss is exposed to the latest technological changes and, unlike our competitors, we are perfectly placed to make the most of these advances.

Engineering Excellence

Boss Solar - Leaders in Innovation

Boss Solar products are produced using the latest technology in polymer compounds, State of the Art tooling, laser micrometres and high tech equipment.

This results in a product that is of the highest standard possible. Their ability to repeat this consistently means that customers can rely on Boss products to be the most innovative and effective Solar Pool Heaters on the market. Boss Solar Pool Heating products have set the benchmark for excellence and performance within the industry for over 30 years.

Boss is in fact the largest and most respected manufacturer of quality solar products in Australia and the surrounding regions. Boss Solar is the only truly Independent Australian Manufacturer offering a Solar Pool Heating System certified by the U.S Solar Rating & Certification Corporation (SRCC/Florida Testing). Boss Solar offers the industry a complete range of State-of-the-Art Pool heating products, setting the industry standard with their unique MultiLayered Collector range, Modular Rigid Panel range and innovative solar accessories.

Boss Solar Supplies Pool Professionals all Over Australia.

Boss, a Team of Highly Skilled, Dedicated Professionals

The Mills Family - Servicing the Industry for over 65 Years


Boss Solar is the only truly Independent Australian Manufacturer offering a Solar Pool Heating System certified by the U.S Solar Rating and Certification Corporation (SRCC/Florida Testing).

The SRCC is a non-profit organization, based in Florida, whose primary purpose is to provide authoritative performance ratings, certifications and standards for solar thermal products, with the intention of protecting customers.

Hall of Fame

Established by the Victorian Government in 2001, the Manufacturing Hall of Fame celebrates the heroes of the State’s Manufacturing Sector – those Companies and Individuals who are Leaders in their Manufacturing Field, both Locally and Internationally.

Managing Director of Melbourne based Boss Polymer Technologies, Norman Mills, said induction to the Hall of Fame was a surprise – and an honour. "The world of manufacturing is not about glitz and glamour – we tend to analyse the business challenge and get down to work on a solution. It was a delight to learn that the work done by our team is recognized by our manufacturing peers as making a valuable contribution to both technology and our economy. We thank the South East Melbourne Manufacturers’ Alliance for nominating our company for this Prestigious Award.

Society of Automotive Engineers

"These Awards recognize excellence in automotive engineering, manufacturing, product design, and quality to encourage higher industry standards, and to increase public awareness of the Australian automotive industry," said SAE-A President Max Gillard.

"This unique (Boss Adhesive) manufacturing system has resulted in significant benefits to automotive assembly processes and has flow on advantages to the construction, leisure and white-goods industries. The principal advantages are higher quality, reduced assembly costs and much improved Occupational Health and Safety issues on the assembly line."

Boss, the most Innovative and Extensive Range

Solar Savings Calculator

Solar Savings Calculator

How much will solar pool heating save you? With Boss’ NEW Solar Savings Calculator you can calculate how much solar will cost compared to Heat Pumps or Gas Heaters!

+ Solar Savings Calculator

MultiLayered Solar Collectors

MultiLayered Solar Collectors

Our Patented Technology allows us to Manufacture Collectors that are Scientifically Proven to be more efficient than competitors Solar Collectors. Discover more about our unique MultiLayer range

+ MultiLayered Solar Systems

The importance of System Componentry

The importance of System Componentry

Designed and engineered to complement our Composite Solar Collectors. Boss manufactures quality solar components that are tested to the highest standards.

+ Solar Components 

How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

Find out How Solar Pool Heating Works, and how by installing a Solar System you can save a significant amount of money and extend the relaxation time of your oasis.

+ Solar Heating

Let Boss Solve Your Pool Pool Heating Needs!

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