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About Thermal Solar Pool Heating

There are many types of swimming pool heaters, but solar pool heating is the most energy efficient and cost effective option on the market

A Thermal Solar Pool Heating system involves pumping pool water through a series of tubes, known as a Solar Collector – or Solar Absorber – mounted on the ground or roof of a building. The suns free energy heats the circulating water, returning it back to the pool at an elevated temperature. This heats the pool to a desirable level, as selected by the owner via the Digital Controller.

Solar Collectors are a crucial component to any Thermal Solar Pool Heating System. A Solar Collector works much like a garden hose left out in the sun, have you noticed that when you turn the tap back on, the water inside comes out warm or even hot? This is due to the hose tube absorbing the sun’s rays, and transferring this free heat into the remaining water inside the tube, just like a Solar Collector.

ANIMATION: Thermal Solar Pool Heating System

How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

  1. The pool owner sets the desired pool temperature they wish to achieve on the systems digital controller (1).
  2. The digital controller will monitor both the roof sensor (2) and the pool sensor (3), and will turn the solar pump (4) on when the difference between the two sensors exceeds 7 to 8 degrees.
  3. The pump will continue to remain active, until the desired temperature is reached, providing that the solar conditions are favourable.
  4. The solar pump is responsible for collecting cooler water from the pool and pushing it onto the roof, and into the Solar Strip Collector tubes (5).
  5. The suns free energy heats the Solar Strip Collector; this heat is then transferred into the circulating pool water and back into the pool.
  6. The warming pool water then reaches the TufReturn manifolds (7), or the ProLok Loop returns (7) and continues to collect heat whilst being pushed back towards the return manifold and pipes (6).
  7. The now heated pool water is then returned back to the pool at an elevated temperature.
  8. When the pool sensor reads a temperature within 2˚C of your set temperature, the solar pump will turn off and the water will drain out of the solar system. This water is then replaced by air using the VacRel (Vacuum Relief Valve) (8) to avoid the collector tubes being sucked flat.
  9. This system not only has a low carbon footprint and initial set up cost, but will also satisfy most pool owners with its simplistic design and near zero maintenance costs, low running costs and its ability to dramatically increase your swimming season by up to six months. Relax, with a modern system, and enjoy the benefits of having a pool – more fun, fitness and entertainment for everyone.

Maximise your Pool Use

Extend your Swimming Season by up to Six Months Using the Sun’s Free Energy

Are you tired of constantly cleaning and maintaining your pool? Only to find your family hardly uses it because it is too cold? Boss Solar can extend your Swimming Season by up to six months using the sun’s free energy. Relax with a modern system and enjoy the benefits of having a pool – more fun, fitness, family time and entertainment for everyone.

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Thermal Solar Pool Heating - Economic - Efficient - Effective

Thermal Solar Pool Heating Systems Significantly Reduces your Swimming Pool Heating Costs

By installing a Boss Thermal Solar Pool Heating System, over the life of our warranty, you will save the planet 140 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions compared to a Heat Pump, and 160 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions compared to a Gas Heater. Over the same period the pool owner will save up to $69,850 and $80,580 on running costs, compared to a Heat Pump and Gas Heater respectively.

Time of use-peak* 8 month season

Heat Pumps and Gas Heater are expensive and polluting forms of pool heating. For Pool owners who wish to swim in the cooler months, the financially clever and environmentally responsible option is to combine a Boss Solar Heating System with a Gas Heater or Heat Pump and benefit from significant savings, utilising the suns free renewable energy.

Refer to Ausgrid® and the Swimming Pool & Spa Association (SPASA) NSW

MultiLayered Solar Systems:

Ultimate Blue®

This unique profile with its distinctive blue inner tube is specifically formulated for durability and efficiency. High matting agents on the outer tube and web are designed to improve efficiency and durability.

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Using High Tech Nano polymers, the NanoTek delivers 40% more heating efficiency for this Premium, top of the range product.

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Engineering Excellence

Why Boss Products?

Boss Solar provides components manufactured and tested to the highest standards using high grade compounds and State-of-the-Art manufacturing techniques, Boss Solar has engineered purpose specific products which are designed to overcome the traditional difficulties associated with standard Solar Systems.

Solar Components are an integral part of the overall Solar System; they assist in the creation of a fully functioning heating system, or to create a higher quality, more aesthetically pleasing finish to the installation. These components are specifically designed to complement the Multilayer® collector range.

Boss Solar’s Components have been manufactured using top of the range compounds which are specifically engineered to withstand the harsh Australian conditions.

Our industry experience ensures optimal efficiency and effectiveness at a highly affordable price.

Our Solar Product range includes the:

VacRel Vacuum Relief Valve®
TufGuage Pressure Gauge
TufMan® Manifold
TufReturn® Flat Mat Manifold
ProLok Premium Manifold
ProLok Loop Return
Boss Grommets and barbs
Solar track and covers
* Warranty is subject to installation in accordance with Boss Solar/Polymers Installation Manual

*Conditions Apply

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