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How Solar Pool Heating Works

How Solar Pool Heating Works

In its most basic form, a Solar Pool Heating system (thermal solar) sends water from your pool through a series of tubes to pick up the thermal heat generated from the sun. These tubes are generally referred to as a Solar Collector and can be mounted on the ground, vertical fence, or most commonly, the roof of a building. The suns free energy heats the circulating water, constantly returning it back to the pool at an elevated temperature. A Digital Solar Controller automatically switches the system on and off to achieve the desired temperature, as selected by the owner.


The Solar Pool Heating Process


  1. The pool owner sets the desired pool temperature they wish to achieve on the systems digital controller.
  2. The digital controller will monitor both the roof and the pool temperature with a sensor. If there is difference greater than 7°C, the system will switch the pump on.
  3. The solar pump will now draw cooler water from the pool and circulating it through the Solar Collector.
  4. The suns free energy heats the Solar Collector; this heat is transferred into the circulating pool water and back into the pool at an elevated temperature.
  5. The pump will remain active until either the desired temperature is reached or there is no more solar gain available.
  6. When the pool sensor reads a temperature within 2˚C of your set temperature, the solar pump will turn off, and the water will drain out of the solar system. This water is then replaced by air using the vacuum relief valve to avoid damage to pipework and solar collector. Therefore, you may notice air buddles when the system starts up and shuts off.
  7. During the swimming season, you will leave the solar pool heating system on. The Digital Controller will then switch the pump on each day to top up heat lost over night.
  8. During winter, the solar pool heating system will be put into ‘Winter Mode’ via the Digital Controller. This basically runs the pump for a few minutes everyday to keep the equipment and pipework lubricated and functional.


Solar Pool Heating (Thermal Solar) has a low initial setup cost and a small carbon footprint. It is simplistic in design, quite in operation and low maintenance. While solar pool heating won’t provide year-round swimming, it will heat your pool on days you want to swim – that is, warm, sunny days.

With a solar pool heating system, you can relax and enjoy the benefits of having a pool – more fun, fitness and entertainment for everyone!

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