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Introducing the New Rhino Fixing Track

Introducing the New Rhino Fixing Track

The New Rhino Fixing Track – Because We ❤️ Our installers!

To celebrate Valentine’s Day the team at Boss have launched the new and improved Rhino Fixing Track. We value your feedback, and that’s why the new fixing track features:

• Curved design to stop catching and glide over gutters
• Removed sharp edges to prevent scratches/cuts
• Improved clip design for increased retention to the panel
• End clips to prevent the track from sliding off
• Unique, glass-filled polypropylene materials to prevent sagging


Overall, these changes are designed to improve the overall installation experience

Rhino Panels made from the 14th of February will be assembled using the new fixing track. There is a small quantity of existing stock, which we will continue to filter out over the next few weeks. Please note that Fixing Tracks are interchangeable and won’t have an impact on performance, just on installation experience.


Have you got any change you’d like to see? Let us know!

Being a local manufacturer gives us the flexibility to respond to our clients feedback, and make changes accordingly. We are always on the look-out for ways to improve our products and keep you happy

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