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Turn Your Pool Green and Environmentally Clean

A recent study found that ‘nearly two-thirds of businesses say customers demand they offer more environmentally considerate solutions’. The study was conducted by Carvin DiGiovanni (vice president at the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals) who said today’s consumers are demanding greener solutions, with eighty-eight percent of buyers feeling a responsibility to invest in environmentally […]

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The APVI Beats Google to Create a Solar Savings Calculator

Last week Google revealed a software tool that allows users, such as home owners to estimate how much money they could save on energy bills, by placing solar panels on their available roof space. ‘Project Sunroof’ utilises Google’s current mapping data and computing resources to calculate the best solar plan for houses. By using high resolution […]

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The Importance of Embracing Solar Energy

  Recently, there have been many technological advancements in the field of green, renewable energy resulting in the widespread adoption of solar energy in everyday life. In a recent article in ZME Science Alexandru Micu mentioned that renewable energy can generate enough power to rival ‘fossil fuels, and reduce operating costs and environmental strain,’ thus making them an ‘attractive […]

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With Booming Gas Prices, Can you Afford Not to Install Solar Pool Heating?

Last week, new research by the ANZ bank revealed that household gas prices, commonly used for cooking, hot water and heating, will soon swell by 30 per cent; putting a strain on Australian households, as yearly gas bills soar. In a statement by the ANZ bank, liquefied natural gas (LNG) exports are predicted to triple […]

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Don’t live in a vacuum, feel the Relief with Boss Solar’s VacRel® Mk V

Installing a solar pool heating system not only extends your swimming season, but can also add value to your home. However, if incorrectly installed the integrity of your new asset can be jeopardised, especially during system drain down. Properly installed, a solar pool heating system should freely drain back to the pool without subjecting the […]

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Boss Polymer Acknowledged at Austech 2015

  Austech is Australia’s premier Advanced Manufacturing and Machine Tool Exhibition that took place from the 26th to the 29th of May 2015 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre. Many high profile manufacturers were in attendance, including Volgren Australia the country’s leading manufacturer of high quality aluminium buses with world leading design and technology. Boss Polymer […]

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Smart Solar Solutions for the Pool

Upgrade your Pool with the Power of Solar   Access the power of the sun with the use of affordable, high quality and cost effective solar products and make use of the suns free solar energy to upgrade your pool and relaxation area. Products such as solar lights and solar pool heating systems are a […]

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Boss Lends a Hand

FOR Mackenziee Lawler a 12 year old triplet from Flagstone, daily rehabilitation in a heated swimming pool is vital to combating the painful and debilitating effects of Spastic Diplegia Cerebral Palsy. Spastic Diplegia affects one in every five hundred children. The condition causes the patients muscles to be constantly tense, and more commonly affects the […]

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How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

How exactly does solar pool heating work? It is a common question we get asked, however the principles of solar pool heating are quite simple Solar pool heating works by pumping pool water through a series of tubes, referred to as a solar collector. A solar collector works much like a garden hose left out […]

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Boss Solar Competes in the 2014 Victorian Hillclimb Championship

There goes another year of racing, with the Boss Solar sponsored vehicle putting up a good fight for the Sports Sedan 4W over 3 litre class. For the past few years Boss Solar has been sponsoring a Subaru WRX in the Victorian Hillclimb championships. This series is held at various sites around Victoria and is […]

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