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Savings Tips by Utilising Clean Energy In-and-Around Your Home

Savings Tips by Utilising Clean Energy In-and-Around Your Home

As climate change is increasing it is important to decrease our use of dirty sources of energy, the team at Boss Solar would like to provide its customers with some helpful saving tips by utilizing clean energy in-and-around your home. It is important to utilize clean energy in-and-around your home as frequent as possible to help save the environment and to save money. There are numerous methods in order to reach your homes maximum potential when it comes to saving by utilizing clean energy in-and-around your home – check out our top five tips.  


Solar Pool Heating

Solar Pool Heating is by far the most economical and eco-friendly way to heat your pool. Used for centuries, Solar is a proven thermal engineering concept that will allow you to make the most of summer while saving thousands on electricity or gas bills.

Swimming pools can be a refreshing source of exercise and entertainment, particularly during those warm summer months. Unfortunately, most pools are unused during the cooler months, when the pool water becomes too cold to swim in comfortably. Solar pool heating can extend your swim season by up to six months. There are numerous solar pool heating systems out in the market ranging from rigid systems to strip systems to accomodate to your needs and roof shape. Rhino Rigid Solar pool heating panels have been a reliable alternative for centuries which have proven to last the test of time.

• Economical and eco-friendly

• Used for centuries

• Save thousands on electricity or gas bills

• Extend your swim season by up to six months

• More fun, fitness and entertainment for everyone


Rooftop Solar Panels

Rooftop Solar Panels are one of the most common methods when it comes to creating clean energy in and around your home. By using Rooftop Solar Panels you are not restricted to your roof space, if you have additional backyard space which you would like to utilise that is an option too. It is possible for these panels to generate 10 or more watts per square foot if your roof is set on the ideal latitude and orientation, so if you have a roof which meets its requirements this is not one to miss out on. With only a few square feet of solar panels you should be able to power the majority if not all of your house hold appliances.  

If you’re continuously having issues with your existing roof and have been considering investing in a new rooftop, the  innovative Solar Shingles may be the perfect solution for you. Solar Shingles are a much more minimal and discrete alternative to the traditional Solar Panel, as they actually take the place of your roof tiles rather than a rooftop solar panel which is mounted on. Solar Shingles are a creation made by Elon Musk, so you can be assured that it is a forward thinking, high quality product worth investing in. Other companies have also been making these for years so you have a large range to choose from.    

The only weakness of rooftop solar panels is that they rely on the sun, so at night time you may have to find an additional method. 

• Ability to generate 10 or more watts per square foot

• Powers most or all of your needs 

• Solar Shingles could be an investment alternative if your current roof is nearing the end of its lifespan 

• Low maintenance cost

• Diverse applications


Wind Turbine

Wind Turbines may seem confronting a first thought due to the ones most people see on windfarms or floating offshore, there a smaller wind turbines available which are also capable of powering your home.  

When it comes to residential areas Wind Turbines are not as popular due to the look of them, noise and the space they take up. Your location may also be a barrier and something to investigate as local laws and zoning regulations may outright forbid it.

Wind power is more stable than Solar and doesn’t only rely on the sun in the day time to generate power, so if none of the downfalls above relate to you, wind power my be the perfect investment for you. A good sized Wind Turbine is more than capable of generating enough power for all you electrical needs. 

• Wind power is more stable than solar

• Able to generate most or all of your electricity needs

• Clean fuel source

• Prices have decreased over 80% since 1980 and are expected to keep decreasing

• The operational costs associated with wind power are low.


Solar Air Conditioning

When it comes to air conditioning appliances, the ones which usually come to mind are Conventional and Inverter air conditioners. Air conditioners can also be solar powered believe it or not. The Solar air conditioning system runs very similar to solar water heater systems, although it uses that hot water through the air conditioning system. 

Solar Air conditioning is definitely one to consider due to traditional Air Conditioning appliances consuming more electricity than almost anything else in your home. If you have central air and you live in a hot climate this alternative could save you a fortune. This appliance is also a multi purpose appliance as the hot water produced for air conditioning can also be used for other purposes to suit your needs.

• Cuts out one of the highest home electricity users  

• Multi purpose – The hot water produced for air conditioning can also be used for other applications in your home 

• Easy to maintain

• Saves the environment

• Significantly reduce power grid load. ( The importance of cutting peak-power load is impossible to over-emphasize )

Energy Efficient Light Globes

Energy-efficient light globes can save you a lot due to lighting accounting for an average of 8-15% of house hold use in Australia. A simple lighting upgrade to a energy efficient globes, such as LED’s and flourescents could cut that figure in half. These energy efficient globes can also last the test of time, some last 20+ years and are so efficient they save up to 80% of the energy used by a standard incandescent globe. Making this switch is one of the fastest and easiest ways to reduce your household power consumption.

• Save up to 80% of the energy used by a standard incandescent globe

• For every purchase through Green Standard, $1 gets donated to WWF Australia’s conservation work.  

• Versatile with large range of appliances

• Longer lasting light bulbs

• Directional lighting, as opposed to incandescent bulbs, which spread the light more spherically.


The team at Boss Solar provides these tips in the hope that they prove helpful and that you decrease your use of dirty sources of energy . Use these tips and you will enjoy paying less for grid electricity while saving the environment.

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