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Smart Solar Solutions for the Pool

Smart Solar Solutions for the Pool

Upgrade your Pool with the Power of Solar


Access the power of the sun with the use of affordable, high quality and cost effective solar products and make use of the suns free solar energy to upgrade your pool and relaxation area.

Products such as solar lights and solar pool heating systems are a great way to improve your pool and the surrounding area. When you’re entertaining family and friends, you can ensure your guests comfort, safety and enjoyment. You will always be the nominated house for special occasions!

And when your pool is your own personal oasis, solar products are a great way to make this area self-sustainable, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

Solar Heat – with Boss Solar

Say Goodbye to Cold Water
EnergyCostsSlider1Solar pool heating is an energy efficient and cost effective way to get the most out of your existing pool. Ensure your comfort — and that of your guests — the smart way.

A Solar Pool Heating system uses a solar collector installed on an unused surface, typically on your homes roof. The sun’s energy will heat the circulated water and return it to the pool at an elevated temperature, as selected by the owner via the digital controller. Over a 15 year period a Boss Solar system will save you up to $80,000 in running costs compared to a Gas heater, and will save the environment up to 160 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions!

Boss Solar is the leading Australian Solar Pool Heating manufacturer and will offer you the best performing system on the market today!

Solar Lights – with Trade Reaction

Trade Reaction

From Top Left: Jetty Light, Solar Light Brick, Road Stud, Solar Bollard, Solar Lamps and Solar Brick

Solar lighting is the smart and easy way to create atmosphere and ambiance for your pool area. Forget expensive and complicated installation and ongoing costs of fixed lighting. Such systems require laying down main electrical wiring — not an ideal solution near water!

Smart solar lamps and bricks from Trade Reaction are an innovative and cost effective way to address lighting around the pool. These products can be placed around decking or walls near your pool and are safe for any wild poolside environment.

For Decking and Poolside

Use a Solar Brick or Jetty Light to draw emphasis to pool edges and walls. These products offer a minimum IP67 rating, meaning they sealed off to dust and can be immersed up to one metre in water. Get up to 3 nights of light on a full solar charge and pick the mood with a great range of colour options, including; red, green, blue, white and yellow.

If you need to light the pathway for safer pool use, then a solar Road Stud is for you. These little lights have an IP68 rating meaning they will last in any pool environment.

For Around the Pool and Garden

If you need to create atmosphere around the pool environment as well as providing light, then a Solar Bollard or Solar Lamps are a perfect solution. These products have a 15 year lifespan and are able to withstand even the largest of splashes. Cannonball!

Solar Solutions. Put Your Pool in the Future

A combination of solar heating from Boss Solar and solar lighting solutions from Trade Reaction will impress your friends and family, whilst saving money and the environment.

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