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Premium Solar Ancillary Components

Premium Grade Ancillary Components - Manufactured and Tested to the Highest Possible Standards

As an integral part of your system, you can rest easy knowing that Boss Solar provides only premium grade components, manufactured and tested to the highest possible standards.

Boss Premium Components are designed and engineered to complement our Patented MultiLayered Composite Solar Collector range. Ensure your system has the best of everything, ask for Boss Premium components.



The VacRel® Vacuum Relief Valve, is an Innovative Precision Moulded Product that is meeting a Critical need in the Swimming Pool Heating Industry. That is, that solar heating systems must have an adequate pressure release system in order to avoid stressing the absorber.

TufMan® Manifold

TufMan® Manifold

TufMan® has been Engineered to Last this custom designed manifold, has been moulded in a single piece with special heavy duty elements for long life. Boss designed the special features of TufMan® to provide “install and forget” confidence in your solar heating systems.

TufReturn® Return Manifold

TufReturn® Return Manifold

The TufReturn® is a premium moulded Return manifold designed to avoid doubling the collector back on itself. This allows the collector run to sit flat against the roof, completing the visual appeal of the system.



The TufFilta® is a High Performance Inline Solar Filter. It is purpose designed by Boss Engineers to filter out debris and fibres which can cause blocked tubes and stagnant systems. Australian Made Boss Engineered and Designed to Avoid Blocked tubes and Stagnant Systems.

EZY TIE® Header Mounting System

EZY TIE® Header Mounting System

EZY TIE® is designed to secure the solar systems pipes and manifolds without the risk of breaking roof tiles. This allows you to install a complete solar system without drilling any holes in your client’s roof.



The Boss TufGauge® is a pressure gauge is designed to assist Pool Professionals with setting the correct system pressure as per the Australian Standards and to monitor and maintain the ongoing ‘health’ of the system.

Boss Solar supplies Pool Professionals all over Australia

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Australia Designed and Engineered

Boss Solar is meeting critical needs within the Solar Pool Heating Industry; with their innovative range of ancillary Solar Components.

Using the highest grade compounds and state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, Boss Solar has engineered purpose specific products which are designed to overcome the traditional difficulties associated with standard solar systems.

Solar Components are an integral part of the overall Solar System; they assist in the creation of a fully functioning heating system, or to create a higher quality, more aesthetically pleasing finish to the installation. These components are specifically designed to complement the MultiLayered® collector range.

Boss Solar's Components have been manufactured using top of the range compounds which are specifically engineered to withstand the harsh Australian conditions. Our industry experience ensures optimal efficiency and effectiveness at a highly affordable price.

Ensure the components used in your solar system are quality and made from purpose designed top of the range materials.

Our Solar Components range consists of the:

1. VacRel®
2. TufFilta®
3. TufGuage® Pressure Gauge
4. TufMan® Manifold
5. TufReturn® Flat Mat Manifold
7. Boss Grommets and barbs
8. Solar track and covers

The use of these components in your system will increase your warranty by five years.

TufMan Manifold

MultiLayered Solar Collectors:

Ultimate Blue®

This unique profile with its distinctive blue inner tube is specifically formulated using multiple materials for durability and efficiency.

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Using high tech Nano Polymers, the special matt black outer surface and Nano Graphitic inner tubes are proven to deliver 40% more heating efficiency.

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MultiLayered Solar®

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Interested in Our Ancillary Components?

Boss Solar offers a wide range of premium grade components that are manufactured and tested to the highest possible standards.

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