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EZY TIE® Header Mounting System for Tiled Roofs

EZY TIE® is designed to secure the solar systems pipes and manifolds without the risk of breaking roof tiles. This allows you to install a complete solar system without drilling any holes in your client’s roof.

Manufactured from high grade EPDM rubber and UV resistant cable ties, EZY TIE® can be installed in five easy steps. Saving you time, effort and money without the risk of breaking roof tiles.

EZY TIE® is the No Drill, No Fuss Header Mounting Option


Unlike your standard cable tie, EZY TIE® cable ties have been specifically formulated and tested for long term exposure to UV radiation.

Unavailable in Australia, these high tech cable ties have been imported from the USA. They have been used in a wide variety of applications, including photovoltaic installations (PV panels), industrial wiring and outdoor installations.

EZY TIE® cable ties are made in polyamide 6.6 with special additives that provides extra resistance to UV rays. Our cable ties have been tested and proven to be able to resist solar radiation for at least 10 years in a Southern European country.

These cable ties provide:
• Excellent resistance to UV rays
• Enhanced Weather Resistance
• Bent rounded tip for an easier insertion
• Rounded edges for the safest application
• Excellent resistance to aromatic solvents, oils, greases and petroleum products

Save Time, Effort and Money with EZY TIE®
The No Drill, No Fuss Header Mounting Option

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