High Performance Inline Solar Filter

The Australian Made TufFilta® has been engineered and designed to avoid blocked tubes and stagnant systems

Australian Standards require that your Pool Professional installs a TufFilta® or similar water strainer into your system

Why a solar pump standard lint pot is insufficient

Many Pool Professionals are of the opinion that the standard lint pot on the solar pump is sufficient to protect the solar system from blocking with foreign matter, however experience has proven this is not the case.

The Lint Pot is designed to protect the pumps impellor by filtering out large solid debris – such as stones – from entering the pump. However, fine debris, such as grass, seeds and insects can still slip through. In some cases, this debris can build up and cause damage to the collector.

Significantly, Australian Standards AS 3634-1989 for Swimming Pool Heating Section 6.2 clearly state that “A filter or strainer shall be provided to remove solids or debris from the water entering the solar circuit.”

System failure due to a build-up of fine debris is not covered by the warranty. Including a TufFilta® (or one of equivalent standard) is a cheap way to ensure optimum system performance and longevity.

The TufFilta® is an Essential Component of your Solar Pool Heating System

The TufFilta® is a high performance inline solar filter that is responsible for filtering out debris and fibres which can cause blocked tubes and stagnant systems. The result of this can have detrimental effects on the overall system, causing tubes to rupture and/or poor system performance due to reduced water flow.

The Australian moulded TufFilta® filter body is manufactured from premium materials, with a UV stabilized and impact resistant clear acrylic bowl, and an impact modified PVC top. A Nitrile O-ring is fitted to every TufFilta® to ensure the unit remains leak free and to provide peace of mind. The replaceable synthetic inner filter cartridge collects the particles and prevents their progression through the system. Keeping your pool cartridge filter clean will ensure your solar system will remain free of foreign debris. It guarantees that the system won't block and will perform to its peak heating efficiency for the life of your system.

Where should the TufFilta® be positioned?

The TufFilta® should ideally be positioned between the Solar Pump and the Collector, (Absorber) as this is the prime location for removing unwanted debris from the system. As shown on the image to the left as number 10.

How often should I change the filter cartridge?

Ideally it is suggested that during the swimming season you check your system for debris at least once a month, or as often as required for your particular installation.

The cartridge will need to be replaced, and the bowl cleaned out when you notice debris collecting in the TufFilta®.


Some of Our Other Premium Components

TufGuage Pressure Gauge

TufGuage Pressure Gauge

The pressure gauge is designed to be a semi permanent fixture of the pool solar heating system to assist Pool Professionals with setting the correct system pressure, and to monitor and maintenance the ongoing ‘health’ of the system.



The VacRel™ vacuum relief valve, is an innovative precision moulded product that is meeting a critical need in the swimming pool heating industry, that has been previously unavailable, that is, an adequate pressure release valve for solar heating systems.

TufReturn® Flat Mat Manifold

TufReturn® Flat Mat Manifold

The TufReturn® is a premium moulded Flat Mat manifold that has been designed to avoid doubling the collector (absorber) back on itself which enables a flatter finish.

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