TufMan® Manifold

Tufman Manifold

Strong enough to withstand Most Severe Storms

Made from Top of the Range Luran®S Compound

Engineered to Last

Launched in 2008 - Thousands of Systems Worldwide and Not One Reported Failure

At each end of any Solar Pool Heating System are supply and return manifolds that connect the solar collector to the pool. Unfortunately, in an effort to cut costs, some Solar Heating Companies produce manifolds that have thin walls and are made of inferior materials, such as ABS plastic, which will crack and breakdown prematurely.

Boss will not cut corners in an effort to save a relatively small amount of money. Our TufMan® Manifolds and Premium range of products have stood the test of time in our harsh Australian conditions. These products have set the benchmark for excellence and performance within the industry.

The TufMan® is a custom designed manifold* moulded in a single piece and combined with special heavy duty elements for long life.

Boss designed the special features of TufMan® to provide "install and forget" confidence in your solar heating system.

The TufMan® is made in Australia from premium grade BASF Luran®S, impact modified ASA and delivers excellent resistance to aging (ultraviolet radiation, ozone, weathering), chemicals and retains its colour. Ensure your system manifolds are moulded in one piece and are manufactured using top of the range compounds rather than cheap substitutes.

The TufMan® has a unique design to strengthen parts of the manifold that are traditionally weak spots, and to make installation quick and easy.

TufMan® Features:

• Premium Grade BASF Luran®S, impact modified ASA
• Long 50mm socket length for firm, positive joints
• Increased wall thickness for strength and durability
• Angle tipped barbs for easy fitting of the solar collector tube
• Sharp barbs for better absorber retention
• Australian Made

Boss has designed the TufMan® range to provide "Install and Forget" confidence in your solar pool heating system

Boss Solar Supplies Pool Professionals all Over Australia

Pressure Gauge

TufGuage® Pressure Gauge

The pressure gauge is designed to be a permanent fixture of the pool solar heating system to assist Pool Professionals with setting the correct system pressure, and to monitor the ongoing ‘health’ of the system.

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Tuf Return

TufReturn® Flat Mat Manifold

The TufReturn® is a premium moulded Flat Mat manifold that has been designed to avoid doubling the collector (absorber) back on itself which tends to make the installation look untidy.

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The TufFilta® is a high performance inline solar filter. Designed to filter out debris and fibres which can cause blocked tubes and stagnant systems.

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