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TufReturn® End Manifold

Tuf Return

Available in 6 & 8mm barbs

Two silicone rubber bladders inserted to provide protection from freezing conditions
Tuf Return

Silicone bladder inserts

Purpose Engineered to resist freezing conditions
Tuf Return

Return Manifold

Designed to create a visually pleasing finish

The TufReturn® is a premium moulded return manifold, designed to avoid doubling the collector (absorber) back on itself, creating a more aesthetically appealing finish

This TufReturn® manifold is Australian designed and engineered. Containing two internal silicone bladders, it is purpose designed to resist freeze cracking.

Manufactured from top of the range materials, i.e. UV stabilised, high temperature Luran®S ASA and Silicone rubber.

As an integral part of any Solar Pool Heating System, it is essential that manifolds are not compromised via the use of sub-standard compounds.

Systems using the TufReturn® as part of the total Boss Tuf® range are eligible for an extended warranty, provided they are installed with the Snap-On covers and the rigid collar system.

Boss Solar Supplies Pool Professionals all Over Australia


Boss Solar Supplies Pool Professionals World Wide

TufMan® Manifold

TufMan® is a custom designed manifold, moulded in a single piece with special heavy duty elements for long life. Boss designed the special features of TufMan® to provide “install and forget” confidence in your solar heating system components.

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Pressure Gauge

TufGuage® Pressure Gauge

The pressure gauge is designed to be a permanent fixture of the solar pool heating system. Designed to assist the Pool Professional with setting the correct system pressure and to monitor the ongoing ‘health’ of the system.

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The TufFilta® is a high performance inline solar filter. Designed to filter out debris and fibres which can cause blocked tubes and stagnant systems.

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