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Solar Pool Heating Systems

Double Your Fun With Solar

Install a Boss Solar Pool Heating system and you can double the average swimming season. Meaning double the pool parties, family fun and relaxation!

Boss Solar manufacture and supply a complete range of premium strip, rigid and commercial solar pool heating systems designed to give you the outdoor lifestyle you have always dreamed of. With over 30 years of experience, you are in good hand with the team at Boss Solar.

Rigid Panel Systems

Built for Australia’s tough conditions, Rigid Panels are durable, long lasting and highly effective pool heating option. Manufactured from heavy-duty semi-rigid plastic, Boss Solar’s Rigid Panels are designed to resist wind and weather dislodgement, cockatoo attack, hail damage and freezing cold conditions.

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Strip Solar Systems

Used in Australia for over 40 years, Strip Solar Heating is a versatile, reliable and cost-effective pool heating option. Boss Solar’s strip systems easily blend into the contours of your roof, adapting to virtually any roof space.  Irregularly shaped roofs, skylights, PV Panels, chimneys and flues aren’t an issue for a Boss Solar’s strip system.

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Wondering How Solar Pool Heating Works?

Check out our 'How Does Solar Work' page and get your questions answered!

How Does Solar Work?

Our Rigid Panel Range

Rhino Solar®

The toughed solar pool heating system in the World. This Australian Made system offers exceptional heating performance, durability and longevity
with a 25-year limited warranty, including a 12-year cockatoo warranty*.

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Cobra Panels®

Cobra Panels® are an easy-to-install, high performance Rigid Panel system. Offering exceptional heating performance, Cobra Panels are designed for ease of installation and are supplied with a 10-year limited warranty, including a 5-year limited cockatoo warranty *.

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Our Strip Solar Range


Nanotek is a solar pool heating collector that has been engineered for efficiency, making it ideal for smaller roof spaces or installation around PV panels. With Nanotek, you get uncompromised heating using less material.

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Ultimate Blue®

This unique profile with its distinctive blue inner tube is specifically formulated for durability and heating efficiency. High matting agents on the outer tube and web are designed to improve efficiency and durability.

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ProSolar® is a traditional single material PVCn profile, providing great thermal conductivity and UV / chemical resistance. ProSolar® has SRCC and Climate Care certification, heat your pool using the sun’s free energy and reduce your impact on climate change.

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Discover how much you could save with a Boss Solar Pool Heating system!

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Boss Supplies Installation Companies all over Australia and the World

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