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Solar Pool Heating Systems

Innovative – Efficient – Effective. The latest Solar Heating Products for Pool Professionals

Boss Solar offer two domestic solar pool heating systems that allow you – the solar pool heating professional – to tailor make, or customise a solar system using our MultiLayered® Strip Solar Systems.

Additionally, Boss Solar offers Rhino Black, a Rigid Panel System that has been specifically designed and engineered for the harsh Australian conditions. Its robust and durable design combined with a long 25 year factory backed warranty makes it an ideal choice.

Rhino Black Rigid Panel Systems

Rhino Black Rigid Panel System

Rhino Black has been specifically designed and engineered for the harsh Australian conditions. Its robust and durable design combined with a long 25 year factory backed warranty makes it an ideal choice.

Rhino Black is also supplied with top quality componentry that have been individually engineered for performance and longevity. This complete system provides everything you need to install on virtually any roof space.

Manufactured from UV Stabilised Co-Polypropylene (selected for its excellent heat transfer properties and toughness), Rhino Black is highly resistant to direct UV exposure and pool chemicals. Its tough and durable design provides Rhino with greater resistance to cockatoo attack, hail damage, UV exposure, extreme wind and pool chemicals.

*Refer to warranty for details

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+ Rhino Solar

MultiLayered® Composite Solar Systems

Multilayered Solar Collector logo

The MultiLayered® Composite Solar System is the latest innovation by Boss Solar, revolutionising the Solar Pool Heating Industry. The MultiLayered® Composite Solar System uses our unique MultiLayer® Co-Extruded solar technology. With the ability to utilise up to four different materials into a single profile, Boss Solar is able to tailor-make the most advanced and best performing flexible Solar Pool Heating System on the market today.

The MultiLayered® Composite Solar System utilises the TufMan® Manifold system, which is a renowned Solar Pool Heating System, known for its efficiency and use of high grade materials.

Available with these Solar Collectors:

+ NanoTek
+ Ultimate Blue
+ Triple Black

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+ MultiLayered® Composite Solar Systems

About Solar Collectors

Solar Collectors, also referred to as Solar Absorbers are a crucial component in any Solar Pool Heating System. A Solar Collector works much like a garden hose left out in the sun. Have you ever noticed that when you turn the tap back on, the water inside comes out warm or even hot? This is a result of the hose tube absorbing the sun’s rays, and transferring this heat into the remaining water inside the tube, just like a Solar Collector does.

Solar Collectors are installed either on the ground next to the pool, or more commonly on the roof of a building. Pool water is circulated and heated by the sun’s natural, free energy, before being returned back to the swimming pool at an elevated temperature.

MultiLayered Solar Collectors

Ask your Pool Professional about Boss MultiLayered® Solar. Boss Solar's Patented MultiLayered® Technology and use of innovative, high performance materials (such as Nano-Graphitic thermal transfer compounds) enables us to manufacture collectors that absorb significantly more of the sun’s rays than standard Solar Systems.

Boss Solar MultiLayered® Collectors are unique, taking advantage of the latest technological advancements, we can offer more efficient, effective solutions. MultiLayered® Solar Collectors are at the cutting edge of Solar Heating Technology. Take advantage of the benefits Boss Solar products have to offer.

Solar Collectors in the MultiLayered® System


Using High Tech Nano polymers, the NanoTek delivers 40% more heating efficiency for this Premium, top of the range product.

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Ultimate Blue®

Composite Solar Collector using State-of-the-Art Co-Extrusion techniques that has been Designed for Excellence with Technology and Quality you can see.

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Triple Black®

Triple Black is designed to withstand harsh Australian conditions. The only Australian Manufactured Solar System to be SRCC Certified*

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Proudly Australian Made in Melbourne, Please Support Local Industry

Boss Supplies Installation Companies all over Australia and the World

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