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Cobra Panels®

Australian Made Rigid Solar Pool Heating Panels

Cobra Panels are high performance rigid solar pool heating panels produced by Boss Solar – Australia’s largest and most trusted solar pool heating manufacturer. With over 25 years of experience, you can rely on Boss Solar to provide the most innovative and reliable solar pool heating products and componentry.

Cobra Panels are an extremely tough and durable system, manufactured using high-grade materials such as UV Stabilised Co-Polypropylene and Glass-filled Polypropylene, Cobra Panels are supplied with a 10 year warranty*. Cobra’s tough and durable design safeguards against cockatoo attack, hail damage, UV exposure, pool chemicals and extreme wind – Cobra Panels are even supplied with a 5 year cockatoo warranty*.

Cobra Panels have also been certified to SRCC 100-2015 which is an independent and not for profit 3rd-party testing and certification organisation based in Florida. The organisations primary purpose is to provide authoritative performance ratings, certifications and standards for solar thermal products, with the intention of protecting customers. The rating includes a number of durability related tests as well as a test of the collector’s heat output and efficiency. With Cobras’ SRCC rating you can feel confident that you are purchasing a solar collector with proven performance and tested integrity.


*Systems must be installed in accordance with all relevant installation manuals, guidelines and terms and conditions. Conditions Apply. For more information please contact [email protected] 

Cobra Panels Features and Benefits

Cobra - Time Lapse Installation


Solar Pool Heating is by far the most economical and eco-friendly way to heat your pool. Used for decades, Solar is a proven thermal engineering concept that can extend your swim season by up to six months while saving thousands on electricity or gas bills* Don’t let your pool go to waste, install a Cobra Panel system and enjoy the benefits of having a pool - more fun, fitness and entertainment for everyone.

* Subject to conditions, contact Boss Solar for more information

The ONLY Australian Made and Owned Panel

All other Panel Systems are designed and imported from overseas. Choose a System purpose designed for the harsh Australian conditions, made right here, by Australians for Australians.

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How much will Solar Pool Heating cost me?

By installing a Cobra Solar Pool Heating System, over the life of the warranty, you could save the planet 140 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions compared to a Heat Pump and 160 tonnes compared to a Gas Heater. Over the same period you could save up to $69,850 and $80,580 on running costs compared to a Heat Pump and Gas Heater respectively.

*Refer Ausgrid.com.au/save Supported by SPASA NSW & Ausgrid

Calculate how much you can save by using the Solar Savings Calculator

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How Does Rigid Solar Work?

Save the Planet and Your Pocket with the Suns Free Energy

A Solar Pool Heating system involves pumping pool water through a series of tubes, known as a Solar Collector – or Solar Absorber – mounted on the ground or roof of a building. The suns free energy heats the circulating water, returning it back to the pool at an elevated temperature. This heats the pool to a desirable level, as selected by the owner via the Digital Controller.

Solar Pool Heating is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly form of pool heating on the market - the amount you will save compared to gas or heat pumps will astound you.

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