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Rhino Modular Solar Pool Heating

Australian-made modular pool heating panels that provide excellent heating efficiency, durability and savings

Double your swimming season and save thousands with Rhino Black, the only Australian Made rigid solar pool heating system. Specifically designed for the harsh Australian climate, Rhino Black is supplied with top quality heating components and a 25 year warranty*.

This extremely tough and durable system is manufactured using high-grade materials, including UV Stabilised Co-Polypropylene, Glass-filled Polypropylene and Silicone. Rhino Blacks tough and durable design safeguards against cockatoo attack, hail damage, UV exposure, pool chemicals and extreme wind*.
Rhinos modular design and wide range of panels sizes results in easier customisation to suit almost any roof space or shape, providing greater roof coverage and higher heat output. Rhino can be installed on both metal and tiled roof, with drill-free options available to suit most tiled roof installs.

By installing Rhino Black, over the life of the warranty, you could save up to $69,850 and $80,580 on running costs compared to a Heat Pump and Gas Heater respectively, while also saving the planet tons of greenhouse gas emissions*. This virtually maintenance free system can extend your swimming season by up to four months*, allowing you to enjoy summer with the most economically and eco-friendly pool heating option available.

Rhino Black is produced by Boss Solar – Australia’s largest and most trusted solar pool heating manufacturer with over 30 years’ experience.

*Conditions apply. Contact Boss Solar for more information

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Rhino Black Features and Benefits

  • Only Australian Made Rigid Panel
  • Specifically designed and engineered for the harsh Australian conditions
  • Robust and durable design safeguards against – Cockatoo Attack, Hail Damage, UV Exposure, Pool Chemicals and Extreme Wind*
  • High heating efficiency – Double your swimming season!*
  • Top quality componentry
  • High grade materials – including UV Stabilised Co-Polypropylene, Glass-filled Polypropylene and Silicone
  • Ability to maximise any roof space with over 15 panel sizes
  • Easy to install modular design

  • Simple to maintain and service
  • Drill-free systems available
  • Suitable for both metal and tiled roofs
  • Eco-friendly
  • Most economical form of pool heating – save up to $69,850 and $80,580 on running costs compared to a Heat Pump and Gas Heater respectively*
  • Base web between the tubes prevents heat loss to wind or a breeze increasing the panels efficiency compared to those panels with individual tubing
  • 25 year warranty*Manufactured by Boss Solar – Australia’s largest and most trusted solar pool heating manufacturer

*Conditions apply. Contact Boss Solar for more information

Rhino Black - Time Lapse Installation

Rhino Black Components

Manufactured from the Highest Grade Materials Available

Every component within the Rhino Black system has been individually engineered for performance and reliability. Manufactured using top quality materials, Rhino Blacks’ componentry has been specifically designed to resist Australia’s harsh conditions.

Clamp Ring Assembly

The Rhino Black Ring Clamp Assembly has been specifically designed not to leak. With a robust design and high grade materials, including a silicone O-ring and 316 stainless steel bolts and nuts, Rhino Black is designed to remain leak free for the life of the system.

Roof Mount

The Roof Mount Assembly is manufactured from glass-filled polypropylene, making it highly robust and durable. Used to fix the panels to both tiled and metal roofs, it is installed at both the top and bottom of the system.

Tiled Roof Bracket

The Tiled Roof Bracket is designed to secure Rhino Black panels to tiled roofs without drilling any holes into your roof!
Used at both the top and bottom of the system, the Tiled Roof Bracket secures Rhino Black against wind dislodgement, while also allowing the panels to easily expand and contract.

Unlike other systems that only lock around one roof batten, the Rhino Tiled Roof Bracket locks around two, providing greater security in high wind regions. Made out of thick, durable plated steel, the Rhino Tiled Roof Bracket is long-lasting and durable.

Slide Track Aluminium Extrusion

The Aluminium Slide Track Extrusion is installed on Metal Roofs along the bottom header pipe. The Roof Mounts slide into the Extrusion to allow the panel to expand and contract.

Fixing Track and Clips

The Fixing Track and Clips are used to secure the Rhino Panels to both Tiled and Metal Roofs. Manufactured from rigid ASA, the system can be easily and quickly installed on any roof type to provide exceptional resistance to wind dislodgement with no concentrated stress points. Rhinos Fixing Track and Clip system also decreases the risk of atmospheric heat loss, as the system sits lower and hugs the contours of the roof.

Manifold Plug

The Manifold Plug allows Rhino Black to be quickly and easily installed around roof penetrations such as antennas, chimneys and skylights. Traditionally, installers connect a PVC pipe that spans the length of the obstruction which results in less roof coverage, more components and a higher installation time. Using the Manifold Plug, the installer only removes the tubes that span the width of the obstruction. The manifold is then plugged with the specially designed Rhino Manifold Plugs, which can be quickly and easily inserted into the exposed gaps in the manifold to divert water flow thus resulting in greater roof coverage and higher heating efficiency.

Connector Block

The Connector Block allows installers to extend any panel while reducing the required amount of plumbing, Header Pipes, Ring Clamp Assemblies and Roof Mounts by 50%. Instead of plumbing two panels one on top of the other, the installer can quickly and easily connect the collector runs together to make a ‘Double Stack’ array. Now rigid panels can be easily adapted to long vertical roof spaces, without the need for additional header pipes, ring clamp assemblies, roof mounts or plumbing.

End Cap

The Rhino Black End Cap is used at opposing ends of the Solar System to prevent the water from draining out by plugging the solar panel header openings that are not being connected to other panels or to the PVC plumbing pipes.

Built for Australia's harsh climate

Rhino Blacks Tough and Durable Design Safeguards Against:

The ONLY Australian Made and Owned Panel

All other Panel Systems are designed and imported from overseas. Choose a System purpose designed for the harsh Australian conditions, made right here, by Australians for Australians.

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How much will Solar Pool Heating cost me?

By installing a Rhino Black Solar Pool Heating System, over the life of the warranty, you could save the planet 140 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions compared to a Heat Pump and 160 tonnes compared to a Gas Heater. Over the same period you could save up to $69,850 and $80,580 on running costs compared to a Heat Pump and Gas Heater respectively.

*Refer Ausgrid.com.au/save Supported by SPASA NSW & Ausgrid

Calculate how much you can save by using the Solar Savings Calculator

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How Does Rigid Solar Work?

Save the Planet and Your Pocket with the Suns Free Energy

A Solar Pool Heating system involves pumping pool water through a series of tubes, known as a Solar Collector – or Solar Absorber – mounted on the ground or roof of a building. The suns free energy heats the circulating water, returning it back to the pool at an elevated temperature. This heats the pool to a desirable level, as selected by the owner via the Digital Controller.

Solar Pool Heating is the most cost effective and environmentally friendly form of pool heating on the market - the amount you will save compared to gas or heat pumps will astound you.

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