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MultiLayered® Strip Solar Heating

Leader in Innovative MultiLayered® Strip Solar Pool Heating Systems

Solar Collectors, also referred to as Solar Absorbers are a crucial component in any Solar Pool Heating System. A Solar Collector works much like a garden hose left out in the sun. Have you ever noticed that when you turn the tap back on, the water inside comes out warm or even hot? This is a result of the hose tube absorbing the sun’s rays, and transferring this heat into the remaining water inside the tube, just like a Solar Collector does.

Solar Collectors are installed either on the ground next to the pool, or more commonly on the roof of a building. Pool water is circulated and heated by the sun’s natural, free energy, before being returned back to the swimming pool at an elevated temperature.

The Boss MultiLayered® Composite Solar Collectors are manufactured using unique materials and compounds. The intended climate, ultimate use, and aesthetic demand of the owner will determine the type of collector required.

Solar Collectors are the Heart of any Solar Pool Heating System. Our Patented MultiLayered® Technology and use of innovative, high performance materials (such as Nano-Graphitic thermal transfer compounds) enables us to manufacture collectors that absorb significantly more of the sun’s rays than standard Solar Systems.

Boss Solar MultiLayered® Collectors are unique, taking advantage of the latest technological advancements, we can offer more efficient, effective solutions.

MultiLayered Solar Systems:

Ultimate Blue®

This unique profile is specifically formulated for durability and efficiency with high matting agents on the outer tube and web.

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Using High Tech Nano polymers, the NanoTek delivers 40% more heating efficiency for this Premium, top of the range product.

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MultiLayered Solar®

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Why ask for MultiLayered® Composite Solar?

Put simply, the difference between a MultiLayered® Collector and a Mono Collector is that MultiLayered® solar collectors are made with multiple layers of purpose specific materials, while Mono Polymer Collectors are out of date, using a single layer only.

Mono Polymer Collectors have been around for over forty years, with next to no product advancement. In the meantime, there have been dramatic technological advances in the range of polymer materials available. The availability of designer materials and technology, in conjunction with state-of-the-art equipment has resulted in Boss Solar being able to supply our clients with higher performing and more efficient options than any other Manufacturer in the Solar Heating Industry.

See the Boss MultiLayered® Collector range, including NanoTek Solar which incorporates State of the Age Nano technology in this Superior performance product.

The benefit of having Multiple Layers is that the Collector is able to be designed and made to gain the advantages that each material selected has to offer. For instance, the matt black outer layer is specifically formulated to protect the Collector from the harsh Australian conditions, any potential mechanical damage (e.g. birds), and create optimal heat absorption. The middle layers are designed for maximum heat transfer and longevity.

The coloured inner layer is the Jewel in the Crown, it not only protects against pool chemical damage and enhances thermal conductivity, but by being softer than the outer layers, it ensures the overall sealing integrity to the barbs of the system throughout the Multilayer® and Nanotek ranges.

Boss Solars parent company, Boss Polymer are an Engineering company, with System Design and Function being the core of the business. Boss Polymer specialise in all forms of rubber and plastic processing, for a broad range of industries, our family has been in the industry since the 1950s and we are here to stay.

Boss Solar – combines the best into one with Multilayered®, manufacturing the Next Generation of Solar Pool Heating Products

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The latest in Solar Pool Heating technology

Boss Solar has engineered and developed their unique and innovative Co-Extrusion technology that is at the heart of their new Collector Range – MultiLayered® Solar. Co-Extrusion is the process of merging two or more materials so that they fusion weld together within the extrusion tool in order to create an unbreakable bond between the Multiple purpose specific, unique Layers. This enables the product to gain the desired characteristics and advantages of each of the specifically formulated, combined materials, and encompasses them strategically in layers into one extruded profile.

MultiLayered® Collectors are the latest patented technology, manufactured and available only from Boss Solar. With the ability to utilise up to four different materials into a single profile, Boss Solar is able to tailor-design the materials used to create the most advanced and best performing strip Solar Pool Heating System on the market today.

Our Unique MultiLayer® Co-Extruded Solar Collectors set Boss apart from those manufacturers who are limited to offering collectors made from a single (Mono) material only – any single layer Collector is simply and logically a compromise on performance and longevity.

*15 Year Warranty

Single (Mono) Polymer Collectors are a thing of the past

Mono Polymer Collectors are your traditional Solar Collectors; typically manufactured using one compound and one layer of material with basically the same process and material since the 1970s. These are standard, old style products which have remained stagnant for over forty years. Mono layered solar – Old Technology – a Compromise on both Performance and Longevity.

Boss supplies customers all over Australia and the world

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