Ultimate Blue®

The Next Generation in Solar Pool Heating

The Result of Continued Research and Development and State of the Art Resources

Setting the Benchmark for Solar Pool Heating Collectors

Ultimate Blue is Boss Patented technology using State-of-the-Art Co-Extrusion techniques to provide a MultiLayered Composite Solar Strip Collector with the best performance and warranty in the industry.

Ultimate Blue MultiLayered is available in 10, 12 and 14 tube configurations.



The Ultimate Blue Collector is made right here in Australia!

Click on the video to see the manufacturing of Ultimate Blue in our Melbourne Plant

Ultimate Blue, why settle for 40 year old mono (single layered) technology?

Boss Solar's Unique MultiLayered Solar Range sets them apart from those manufacturers who offer Mono-polymer (single material) Collectors. These Mono-polymer collectors compromise on performance and longevity, as only Co-Extruded profiles can offer you the latest and best in Solar Pool Heating Efficiency. Boss offer the highest performance and durability on the market, at an affordable price. Don’t settle for less, ask your nearest Pool Professional about their exclusive, affordable Boss Solar Range.

Get the Advantages of a Punched Profile…

Ultimate Blue® 10 Tube Solar Collector is available in non-punched or punched profiles. The main advantage of punching a hole in the web of the collector is to provide excellent adhesive qualities. As the silicone pops out of the punched web holes in a mushroom shape, it creates a mechanical lock between the roof and the collector, making it virtually impossible to be displaced by strong winds.

Punching the web of the profile, also allows the Pool Professional to quickly, easily, and neatly strip the collector webbing, providing a more visually pleasing result.

Punched Collectors also provide improved external drainage capabilities during rain. The holes in the webbing of the collector mean that during rainy days, external water can easily drain through the holes and enable the roof to breathe.

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The VacRel™ vacuum relief valve, is an innovative precision moulded product that is meeting a critical need in the swimming pool heating industry.

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TufMan® Manifold

TufMan® is a custom designed manifold* moulded in a single piece with special heavy duty elements for long life.

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Designed to filter out debris and fibres which can cause blocked tubes and stagnant systems.

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