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MultiLayered® Solar Pool Heating Systems

Leader in Innovative MultiLayered® Solar Pool Heating Systems

Get the most out of your swimming pool investment with MultiLayered® Solar, the latest innovation by Boss Solar. With the ability to utilise up to four different materials into a single profile, Boss Solar is able to tailor-make the most advanced and best performing flexible Solar Pool Heating System on the market today.

By installing a MultiLayered® Solar system, your clients will enjoy a comfortable swimming temperature for more months of the year, while minimising their running costs and CO² emissions.

The MultiLayered® Composite Solar System utilises the TufMan® Manifold system. The TufMan® system is renowned in the Solar Pool Heating industry for its efficiency and use of high grade materials.

MultiLayered Solar Systems:

Ultimate Blue®

This unique profile with its distinctive blue inner tube is specifically formulated for durability and efficiency. High matting agents on the outer tube and web are designed to improve efficiency and durability.

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Using High Tech Nano polymers, the NanoTek delivers 40% more heating efficiency for this Premium, top of the range product.

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MultiLayered Solar®

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Boss understands that no two installations are the same, just as no two customers are the same.

We created the TufMan® Manifold System to allow the Pool Professional to design and build a pool heating system to suit virtually any roof type, shape or customer requirement.

The Pool Professional creates a System by combing a range of appropriate Tuf System components. The TufMan® manifold system is known for its efficiency, performance and use of high grade materials.

Made from top of the line BASF Luran S ASA, and the latest technologies in polymer compounding, the TufMan® System has been the benchmark within the solar pool heating industry for close to 25 years.

Designed, Engineered and Manufactured in Australia the TufMan® Tailored System has left the opposition product far in its wake.

Specifically Designed to compliment our Multilayer Range - Components include:

1. TufMan® Manifold - High temperature black BASF LURAN S™ ASA 400mm and 500mm available

2. TufReturn® - Flat Mat Manifold - Anti-freeze Loop Return Manifold, joins the collector panels together. Made from high temperature black ASA 305mm long

3. VacRel® - High efficiency Vacuum Relief designed to help drain the system with minimal resistance

4. TufFilta® - Australian Made, In-line cartridge water filter / strainer

5. Pressure Gauge - Used to measure the hydraulic pressure within the Collector

6. TufCollars™ - Rigid locking collars, slides over the outside the Collector tube to permanently lock and seal the tube onto each barb

Designed, engineered and manufactured in Australia, the TufMan® Manifold System is well renowned as respected within the industry, known for its efficiency, reliability and use of high grade materials.

Boss supplies customers all over Australia and the world

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