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What is Strip Solar Heating?

Used in Australia for over 40 years, Strip Solar Pool Heating Systems are Australia’s most popular pool heating option. Strip Solar Heating Systems consist of a series of soft rubber (PVC) tubes that are installed on the roof of a building. Water is drawn from the pool and pumped up onto the roof and through the tubing. As the pool water circulates it is heated by the suns free energy before it is returned to the pool at an elevated temperature, ideal for swimming. This flexible solar system can be easily customised to suit virtually any roof space, making it an ideal choice for irregularly shaped roofs. Strip Solar Heating is an effective, reliable and cost-effective pool heating option.


Nanotek is a solar pool heating collector that has been engineered for efficiency, making it ideal for smaller roof spaces or installation around PV panels. With Nanotek, you get uncompromised heating using less material.

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Ultimate Blue®

This unique profile with its distinctive blue inner tube is specifically formulated for durability and heating efficiency. High matting agents on the outer tube and web are designed to improve efficiency and durability.

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ProSolar® is a traditional single material PVCn profile, providing great thermal conductivity and UV / chemical resistance. ProSolar® has SRCC and Climate Care certification, heat your pool using the sun’s free energy and reduce your impact on climate change.

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What is the Difference between Strip and Rigid Solar Pool Heating?

Both Strip and Rigid Solar Pool Heating systems will heat your pool in a similar manner and for similar times throughout the year. The main difference is that Strip Systems are soft and flexible with Rigid systems are relatively solid and inflexible. This means that Strip Solar Systems can be easily customised to suit virtually any roof space. This makes the system ideal for irregularly shaped roofs or roofs with many obtrusions such as sky lights, antennas or air conditioners. Alternatively, Rigid Panel Systems are more robust and durable, designed to resist wind and weather dislodgement, cockatoo attack, hail damage and freezing cold conditions. However they are more expensive than Strip Solar Systems.

Due to their more robust design and higher price, Rigid Panel systems are usually supplied with longer warranties of around 20 and 25 years, while Strip Systems are usually supplied with warranties of between 10 and 15 years.

Both Rigid and Strip Solar Heating systems are cost effective options, paying themselves off in only a few years’ time.

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By how much will Strip Solar Pool Heating extend my swimming season?

A typical Boss Solar Strip Solar System will extend your existing swimming season by around four months and can increase your pool temperature by as much as 10ᵒC. Actual results will depend on several factors including the size of the system, its location, orientation and any shading or wind it may be exposure to.

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Is a Strip Solar Heating System the right choice for me?

Strip Solar Heating Systems are an efficient, reliable and time-proven pool heating option. While Strip Systems do not have the same warranty period as Rigid Panel Systems, they provide a more budget-friendly alternative. The flexibility of the Strip Solar collector tubes enables them to be easily customised to suit virtually any roof space. This makes the system ideal for irregularly shaped roofs or roofs with many obtrusions. However Strip Systems are vulnerable to cockatoo and vermin attack. If this is a concern in your area, then a Rhino Solar® Rigid Panel system may be a good alternative.

Each system must be designed to suit your individual needs, roof type, pool size, application and budget. If you are unsure which system is right for you, contact us now to discuss your needs.

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