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Success for Boss Solar at the 2014 Piscine Global Show in Lyon

Success for Boss Solar at the 2014 Piscine Global Show in Lyon

The team at Boss Solar recently attended Piscine Global Show in Lyon (France) to internationally launch their new range of MultiLayered Solar Collectors. The eye catching stand (featured in the images below) and revolutionary new products made the show a success and gained a lot of interest from the general public and potential distributors.




Managing Director Norman Mills, National Sales Manager Robert Andrews, Graphic Designer Elléna Mills and French Interpreter Kristie-Lee Clifford attended the show and presented the newly released ProLok Modular Kit Systems and the Multilayered Composite Solar Collector Range.

MultiLayer Solar Collector is the latest patented technology, exclusively available from Boss Solar. Boss Solars innovative technology allows them to utilise up to four different materials into a single extruded profile. This allows them to combine the benefits of various materials to tailor-make the most technically advanced and best performing flexible Solar Pool Heating Systems on the market today.

This unique range sets Boss Solar apart from those manufacturers who are limited to offering collectors made from a single material only, known as Mono Polymer Collectors. Mono Polymer Collators have been around for over forty years, with virtually no progression. Settling for a single material Collector is a compromise on both performance and longevity.

The New MultiLayered Solar Collector Range includes; NanoTek, Venetian Blue (coloured solar) and Ultimate Blue, you can find information of these products under the ‘Solar Collector’ tab on the menu bar.

Boss Solar is excited to see so many local and International companies embracing this modern technology and are looking forward to the positive changes this launch will have on the industry.

Call Boss Solar on +61 (03) 9561-2777 or send an email to [email protected] if you require more technical information, or if you would like to receive some free literature.

Let Boss support your business for our mutual success, we look forward to hearing from you.

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