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Boss Polymer Technologies – Parent of Boss Solar – is a World Leading Australian Manufacturer of Rubber and Plastic products

Boss Polymer Technologies is a second generation family business who believe in investing heavily into Research and Development, which allows them to consistently deliver innovative, State of the Art pool heating solutions. Boss utilises the latest in polymer compounding, machine and tooling technology, laser micrometres and other high tech-equipment to reliably deliver State-of-the-Art products that are of the highest, repeatable standards possible.

Boss Polymer Technologies is responsible for supplying a variety of industries including; Automotive, Defence, Mining, Civil Engineering, Marine, and of course Solar Pool Heating.

Boss manufactured all of the seals in the orange and green glass and sandstone walls along Eastlink, a major road in Melbourne’s south-east. Boss has been a part of the manufacturing team in many significant projects, including the Taiwanese Monorail which went from one end of the country to the other, rail window and door seals for the London Underground and expansion joints in many bridges and buildings both in Australia and overseas.

Boss Polymer Technologies extensive engineering exposure, high research and development investment, scientific knowledge of high tech materials and wealth of experience and depth of knowledge, provides Boss Solar Solutions with an amazing support base and an incredible technical advantage.

This has enabled Boss Solar Solutions to consistently provide its customers with leading edge solutions. Don’t settle for an obsolete products, expect the best.

Boss is the name behind some of the largest and most respected solar pool heating companies throughout Australia and the World. Our solar pool products have set the benchmark for excellence and performance within the solar industry for close to 25 years.

Co-Extrusion - MultiLayered® Composite Solar Collector

Boss Solar has engineered and developed the unique co-extrusion technology that is at the heart of our new Multilayer® solar collector range.  With the ability to utilise up to four different materials into a single profile, Boss Solar is able to make the most technically advanced and best performing Solar Pool Heating systems on the market.

Combining various materials enables the profile to incorporate the specific advantages of each material, this could include the added benefits of up to four different materials.

The profile can combine a variety of desirable characteristics, specifically designed to suit the purpose of the product. For example, Multilayered® solar collector is manufactured with a highly weather resistant substance on the outer tube, while combining a chemical resilient compound on the inner tube.

Compounds of differing hardness’s, colours, and properties can be combined into a single profile extrusion.

This enables clients to gain the maximum efficiencies and performance from a product and delivers a solar collector that is both Technically Advanced and Superior.

Product Design and Engineering

The Boss teams experience has been built up over many years. Our team consists of Engineers, Polymer Technicians, Technical Salesmen, Research and Development Technicians, Quality personnel, Customer Service and Marketing Staff. Not to mention our highly skilled and dedicated Production team.

Many of our team have been with us for over ten and fifteen years. This gives us great stability and the ability to maintain high standards. At the same time we are training new staff to ensure that valuable knowledge is being passed on.

Our extraordinary experience and ability in identifying the most appropriate polymer to suit the application enables us to custom compound materials to most International Standards.

In short we have far and away more depth of skill and experience than any of our competitors. With over 23 years and two generations of experience in the Solar Pool Heating industry.

Boss Solar has the capabilities to develop, design and manufacture the most technically advanced Solar Pool heating products available.

Why settle for second best?

Leak free Manifold Technology

Many imported manifolds have the tendency to leak and cause extensive damage to the integrity of the roof, predominately due to cheap or unsuitable materials (such as ABS) and flawed design.

Boss Solar Solutions have identified the need for a range of Premium Manifolds to overcome this issue. Using State-of-the-Art moulding techniques, Boss Solar manifolds are moulded in Australia in one piece, out of premium BASF Luran S, impact modified ASA materials.

These Boss Solar manifolds have been specifically designed and manufactured not to leak, and are strong enough to resist most hail storms.

Don’t risk the integrity of your system with cheap substitutes; insist on the Boss Solar ProLok or the TufMan range of manifolds.

Society of Automotive Engineers Award Winning Patented Technology

Our range of cutting edge products includes:

Solar Collectors

Solar Collectors

Our patented technology allows us to manufacture absorbers that are scientifically developed to absorb more of the sun’s rays than other solar absorbers.

+ NanoTek®
+ Ultimate Blue®
+ Boss320®

How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

How Does Solar Pool Heating Work?

Find out How Solar Pool Heating Works, and how by installing a Solar System you can save money.

+ Solar Heating

We are the only solar pool heating manufacturer to be honoured with these credentials

Society of Automotive Engineers Design Award Winner

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Boss Supplies companies all over Australia and the World

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