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The Importance of Embracing Solar Energy

The Importance of Embracing Solar Energy


Recently, there have been many technological advancements in the field of green, renewable energy resulting in the widespread adoption of solar energy in everyday life.

In a recent article in ZME Science Alexandru Micu mentioned that renewable energy can generate enough power to rival ‘fossil fuels, and reduce operating costs and environmental strain,’ thus making them an ‘attractive option in many parts of the world’.



It’s no secret that the need for renewable energy is an increasing issue, with many reputable sources including The New York Times and NASA warning of climate change and the coming weirdness of El Nino. We have already seen some of the damage of El Nino, including wildfires that torched over 2 million acres in Australia, a blistering heat wave that killed 2,800 people in Indonesia and Thailand’s rice crop failing, causing prices to spike by 80 percent.

Therefore, we must all become increasingly climate focused and start modifying our behaviour now, to ensure we still have a planet to live on in the future. For example replacing your pools Heat or Gas pump with a Boss Solar Pool Heating System will save the environment tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions.

Gas and Heat pumps rely on natural gas, liquid propane or electricity to operate, whereas Solar Pool Heating relies on the natural heat the sun provides to heat the pool. Solar Pool Heating is the most energy efficient and cost effective pool heating option on the market.

If you are interested in installing a Solar System and would like to know how much money you could save, visit our Solar Savings Calculator here.

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