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Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Swimming Pool

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Swimming Pool

As international travel becomes a distant memory and more quality time is being spent at home, many are looking to turn their backyard into their own private oasis.
If you’re on the fence about whether to take your backyard to the next level by installing a swimming pool then this is the list for you. Boss has compiled the top 10 reasons to purchase a swimming pool this year.


Entertain Friends with our home swimming pool

1.Entertain Friends 

There is no better way to catch up with your friends and their kids than poolside at a weekend BBQ. Get togethers with friends are taken to a whole new level!








Encourage Quality Time with Family with your swimming pool

2.Encourage Quality Time with Family

In this technology focused world, there can be many factors and distractions pulling the family unit apart. The swimming pool has a magnetic attraction and encourages everyone to come together to enjoy family fun in the sun. Say goodbye to devices and hello to swimming pool life!





Stay Healthy and Lose Weight with a swimming pool

3.Stay Healthy and Lose Weight

Swimming and aquatics are recommended as some of the best exercise for the body. By jumping in the pool to exercise you can stay healthy without putting strain on ligaments and joints. You might even enjoy yourself!







Increase the Value of Your Home with a swimming pool

4.Increase the Value of Your Home

When you are looking to sell, a swimming pool can set your home apart from others in the same area and price point. Swimming pools add an aesthetic appeal to your backyard and can often be marketed at a higher price point as they are deemed ‘superior properties’.






Save Money With A Staycation by purchasing a swimming pool

5.Save Money With A Staycation

Family holidays can be extremely costly, and you may find you spend a good portion of the cost of a pool on a single trip. Installing a swimming pool means your investment lasts a lifetime and you can enjoy years of staycations.








Relax and Unwind by the Swimming Pool after work

6.Relax and Unwind by the Swimming Pool

A home pool can be the perfect place to relax and de-stress after a long work week. Stress levels have been shown to decrease and lead to better sleep and improved mood following regular swimming pool use.








Cool Down This Summer with your own swimming pool

7.Cool Down This Summer!

In the hot Australian summer, many opt for staying inside their cool air-conditioned homes. Owning a pool means you can still cool down on those stinking hot days whilst enjoying the beautiful sun and summer weather.








Avoid Crowds at Public Swimming Pools by owning your own pool

8.Avoid Crowds at Public Swimming Pools

School holiday crowds at local swimming pools or water parks? No thank you! No need to fight for the best poolside lounge chair or being splashed while you relax. Install a swimming pool and soak up the sun in your very own backyard oasis!







Teach the Kids to Swim Young

9.Teach the Kids to Swim Young

By owning a swimming pool, your kids will learn to swim much younger than their peers. In the comfort of your own home, you could raise the next Ian Thorpe or better yet, a lifeguard!








Your Personal Luxury

10.Your Personal Luxury

Owning your swimming pool can provide a slice of paradise in your very own backyard. Often parents believe they install a pool for the kids to enjoy but they are the ones who enjoy it most. The family pool can become your luxury escape from the world.







Swimming pools are the gift that keeps on giving. Start your swimming pool journey today!

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