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What is the Difference between Strip and Rigid Solar Pool Heating?

What is the Difference between Strip and Rigid Solar Pool Heating?

In Australia, the two most popular types of solar heating systems are Strip/Flexible Solar and Rigid Solar Pool Heating Panels.

Strip (Flexible) Solar Pool Heating

Strip/flexible solar pool heating is Australia’s oldest and most popular form of pool heating. Used for over 40 years, strip solar is comprised of a series of soft flexible tubes (PVCn), which are installed on the roof and absorbs the Sun’s free heat. Strip systems are an ideal choice for those with limited roof space or irregularly shaped roofs.

Rigid Solar Panels

Rigid solar pool heating panels are manufactured from a heavy-duty, semi-rigid plastic (UV stabilised Co-Polypropylene). They operate in a similar manner to strip systems; however they are deigned to be a more robust and longer lasting option. Rigid Panels are quickly gaining popularity in Australia due to their ability to resist wind and weather dislodgement, cockatoo attack, hail damage and freezing cold conditions. Most are supplied with a cockatoo warranty and extended warranty periods. Rigid Panels are a longer lasting, efficient and reliable pool heating option.

What type of Solar Pool Heating System is Right for me?

So what is the right choice for you? Well, that really comes down to a few factors. Both systems offer similar heating efficiency effectiveness – the main differences are price, design flexibility, durability and warranty.

Due to its soft structure, strip systems provide greater design flexibility, making them a better choice for those with irregularly shaped roofs, or roofs with multiple obstacles. Rigid panels require larger rectangular areas, and are therefore less suited to oddly shaped roofs. Their solid, sturdy nature makes them a more robust and durable option than strip systems. Rigid Panels are usually the system of choice for those in hail prone or cockatoo attack areas as they provide greater resistance to damage, and are supplied with cockatoo warranties. Both systems have long warranty periods, Strip Systems are usually supplied with warranty periods of 10 to 15 years, while Rigid Panels are supplied with warranties anywhere from 10 to 25 years. However rigid panels are more expensive to install, so if you are looking for a more budget-friendly alternative, than a strip system may be for you.


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